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Rutgers University—Camden
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Academic Positions

Rutgers University—Camden

University Professor, July 2019 to the present

Professor of History, July 2011-June 2019

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University—Camden, July 2011-December 2018

(FASC includes College of Arts and Sciences, University College, and The Graduate School)      

University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore, Maryland

Professor of History, July 2006

Department Chair, August 2005-June 2011

Associate Professor of History, August 2000-June 2006

Coordinator, Public History Track in Historical Studies Masters Program, January 2002-July 2004

Coordinator of the Public Policy History Track

Affiliate Faculty in the Public Policy Ph.D. program, 2000-2011

Affiliate Faculty in the Language Literacy and Culture Ph.D. program, 2007-2011

Affiliate Faculty in Gender and Women’s Studies, 2000-2011

University of Maryland School of Law, Baltimore, Maryland

Adjunct Professor, 2008-2011              

Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Halle, Germany

Fulbright Guest Professor, Senior Scholar, American Studies, September 2004-July 2005                                  

Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tennessee

Associate Professor of History from August 1996-July 2000

Assistant Professor of History August 1991-July 1996

Director of Minor in Women’s Studies, August 1997-July 2000                                    

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee

Adjunct Associate Professor of History, Spring 1997, Fall 1997, and Fall 1998                                 

University of Cincinnati, University College, Cincinnati, Ohio

Adjunct Assistant Professor of History, Spring 1991                                    


 University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

Ph.D. American History, June, 1991

M.A. History, August, 1987

B.A. History, August, 1985




The Greatest Generation Grows Up: Childhood in 1930s America. Chicago: Ivan R Dee Publisher, 2005                      

“A Right to Childhood”: The U.S. Children’s Bureau and Child Welfare, 1912-1946. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1997                                     
Editor. Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives: Women in American History. Wilmington, Delaware: Scholarly Resources, 2000

Co-Editor with Andrew Kersten. Politics of Progress: The State and Society in the United States, 1865-1945. Greenwood, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 2001


Referred Journal Articles, Internet Essays, and Chapters in Books

“Children, the State, and the American Dream,” chapter in Paula S. Fass and Michael Grossberg, eds.

Childhood in America Since 1945, pp.-84-109. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012

“The State,” Chapter co-authored with Jeanine Graham in Joseph M. Hawes and N. Ray Hiner, eds.
A Cultural History of Childhood and Family in the Modern Age. New York: Berg, 2010, pp. 135-160

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Co-author with Bengt Sandin, “National Citizenship and Early Politics Shaping ‘The Century of the Child’ in Sweden and the United States.” Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth. 1(Winter 2008):50-62

 “Meet the Parents: Embracing an Ideal of Modern American Childhood.” Chapter in Gerd Hurm and Anne Marie Fallon, eds. Rebels without a Cause?: Renegotiating the American 1950s. Bern, Germany: Peter Lang, 2007, pp.143-155                

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Co-author with Joseph M. Hawes. “Historical Overview of Children and Childhood in the United States During the 20th Century,” included in Roger P. Weissberg, et. al. Long-term Trends in the Well-Being of Children and Youth. Washington, D.C.: Child Welfare League of America Press, 2003, The University of Illinois at Chicago Series on Children and Youth, pp.277-298                                  

 “Grace Abbott and the U.S. Children’s Bureau.” OAH Magazine of History. (Summer, 2001): 54-55                             

“Review Essay: Citizenship, Gender, and Urban Space in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era,” Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. 1(January 2002): 95-106                                

“When Government Became Children’s Advocate.” Connect for Kids Website, Washington, D.C.: Benton Foundation, September 28, 1999.                                

“Winning the War, But Losing the Peace”: The U.S. Children’s Bureau and Child Welfare During World War II.” Queen City Heritage 54 (Summer/Fall, 1996): 34-47                                

“The U.S. Children’s Bureau and Infant Mortality in the Progressive Era: A Legacy for Twentieth-century U.S. Child Welfare Policy.” Journal of Education 177(1995): 3:57-69                                 

“Expanding Birth Control to the Hinterland: Cincinnati’s First Contraceptive Clinic as a Case Study, 1929-1931.” Mid-America: An Historical Review 77(Spring/Summer, 1995): 145-173


Encyclopedia Articles

Entry on “Keating-Owen Act” in Donald T. Critchlow and Philip R. VanderMeer, eds., Oxford University Encyclopedia of American Political, Policy, and Legal History. New York: Oxford University Press, 2012

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Entries on “Julia Lathrop” and “Dorothy Reed Mendenhall” in Great Lives, vol. II: Women in American History. Salem Press, 1995, 1081-1085, 1240-1244

Honors and Awards

Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, 2018

Women of Excellence Awards, “Changemaker,” South Jersey Magazine, 2016

UMBC nominee, Regents Award for Teaching Excellence, 2011-2012

Women’s Chair in Humanistic Studies Fellowship. Marquette University Women Fellowship. In recognition of an outstanding career in teaching and scholarship

Kauffman Entrepreneurship Fellow. University of Maryland, Baltimore County. July 2007-2011. Part of $2,000,000 grant to UMBC to infuse entrepreneurial skills throughout the curriculum

Fulbright Senior Scholar. Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg, Halle, Germany, August 2004 – July 2005, $27,000

1999 University of Cincinnati History Department American History Prize. Best book published in 1997-98 by a Ph.D. graduate of the University of Cincinnati History Department

Non-Instructional Assignment, Tennessee Technological University. One of only four TTU faculty awarded a research sabbatical for Spring, 2000

Dean’s Innovative Teaching Award, 1998-1999, Tennessee Technological University. An annual award given to an Arts and Sciences faculty member for creative use of technology in teaching and learning, $5,000                                   

Commencement Address. Tennessee Technological University, August 1, 1998; Cookeville, Tennessee, August 1, 1998

Tennessee Technological University Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award, 1994-95                         

 Faculty Research Released-Time Grants, Tennessee Technological University, $2,000

Mentoring Technology and Teaching Spring, 1999; and Spring, 1998; Teaching and Technology at TTU, $2,000

Partner. Tennessee Humanities Council Grant. Grace Under Pressure: American Women and War, March, 1995, Women in Country Music, March, 1994. $50,000

 Mary Lizzie Saunders Fund Research Grant, Schlesinger Library, Radcliff College of Harvard University

The U.S. Children’s Bureau and Child Welfare, 1912-1946. 1990

Newberry Library Short-term Fellowship, Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois.
The U.S. Children’s Bureau and Graham Taylor, 1990          

Herbert Hoover Foundation Travel Grant, Hoover Presidential Library.

Hoover and the U.S. Children’s Bureau, 1990

Grant Participant/Consultant/Public Outreach

On-air Interview and Historical Consultant, “Parenting Advice from Uncle Sam,” Rebecca Davis, Producer, Weekend Edition Sunday, May 27, 2018,

“Breaking the Partisan Logjam,” editorial with Molly Ladd-Taylor, History News Network, April 22, 2018

On-screen Interview and Historical Consultant, “Decades: The ‘30s,” Barbara Kopple, Vanity Fair, Documentary Series, New York, New York, 2013,

Participant, Education and the “Whole Child”: An Interdisciplinary Workshop. Funding from the California Wellness Foundation and the W.T. Grant Foundation Held at UMBC, Baltimore, MD, May 21-23, 2006, $15,000. Principle Investigator

 Participant, Professional Masters Programs. Council of Graduate Schools/Ford Foundation. Development and Implementation Grants, 2004-2006. $6,000 and follow-up grant led by Joseph Tatarewicz $25,000

“Fieldtrip.” National Institutes of Health. Lee Boot, Principal Investigator. 2006-2007. $400,000, Consultant

“For All the World to See.” Maurice Berger, Principle Investigator and Curator. 2008-2012. $640,000. Consultant

Invited History Lectures and Commentaries

“Childhood History and the American Dream.” Address to Honor Jessie Ramey. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, January 17, 2013

Instructor/Speaker, “The Age of FDR.” Teaching American History Grant Program, U.S. Department of Education. University of Delaware. Delaware State Archives, Dover, Delaware. July 26-29, 2010

Discussant, “Children and Agency,” Social Science History Association, Long Beach, California, November 14, 2009

Instructor, “U.S. Immigration as U.S. History,” Teaching American History Grant Program, U.S. Department of Education, Baltimore City Schools and Jewish Museum of Maryland. Baltimore, Maryland, August 10, 2009 

Project Commentator, “Life and Legitimacy: Bringing Legal History to Life Without Compromising Scholarly Discipline,” DC Legal History Roundtable, George Mason University Law School, Arlington, Virginia,

April 17, 2009

“The Greatest Generation Grows Up in the New Deal Era: Lessons for Today’s Policy Makers.” Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, April 6, 2009

“Who Were Ozzie and Harriet?: The Roots of the 1950s Childhood Ideal.” Laurel Historical Society and Museums. Laurel, Maryland, February 11, 2009

“City Life, Childhood, and America’s Greatest Generation.” Seminar on the City Lecture Series, Cincinnati Museum Center and the Cincinnati Historical Society, April 10, 2008                   

 “Children’s Best Interest: Institutions for Those ‘In Need.'” Panel Discussant. European Social Science History Conference. Lisbon, Portugal, February 28-March 1, 2008                 

 “The History of Childhood is Not Child’s Play.” Conference Celebrating the Launch the Journal on the History of Children and Youth. University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Amherst, Massachusetts, February 9, 2008                  

 “How Old Are You? Uncovering Childhood in 19th Century America.” To Be a Child Symposium. Frederick
County Community College, Frederick County Historical Society, Frederick Maryland. September 14, 2007                 

 “Moving Into the Mainstream: Childhood, Dependency, and Independence in U.S. History.” Presidential Keynote Address, Society for the History of Children and Youth, University of Linköping, Norrköping, Sweden, June 29, 2007                  

 “Children’s Rights and New Deal America.” Children’s Rights and the Nation-State in the US, France, and Sweden, 1900-2000. Conference at Columbia University, New York, New York; May 26, 2006                  

 “Women and Wages in Baltimore, 1870-1939.” Rich in Vision, Catalysts of Change: Women in 19th Century Baltimore Seminar. Garrett-Jacobs House Mansion, Baltimore, Maryland, April 23, 2006                  

 “An American Girl and Her Four Years in a Boys’ College.” Commentary on Elisabeth Israels Perry and Jennifer Anne Rice, edition. Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, D.C. April 17, 2006                   

 “Childhood, Youth, and Family in American History.” American Studies Lecture Series, University of Erfurt, Germany, June 20, 2005                       

“A History of Adolescence in the United States.” Fulbright Lecture Series, American Studies Institute, University of Leipzig, Germany, June 7, 2005

“American Childhood and American History.” Center for Childhood Studies, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden. March 10-11, 2005

“Women, Gender, and American History.” Spring Institute, Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany. March 3, 2005                              

“Gender and the History of American Social Welfare Policy.” Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Bonn, Germany, February 27, 2005                               

“Negotiating the Differences: The Wide Variety of American Universities.” Discussion with Student Fulbright Scholarship Applicants in Germany. German Fulbright Commission, Berlin, Germany. November 15, 2004                                

“Childhood in American History and Women and Reform in American History.” Seminar for Teachers of English. Center for U.S. Studies. Lecorea, Wittenberg, Germany. November 26, 2004

“Industrialization and Urbanization in Late Nineteenth Century America.” Seminar for Teachers, Calvert County Schools, Maryland Historical Society, June 29, 2004.

“The Greatest Generation and Roosevelt’s New Deal.” Teaching American History in Tennessee, Summer Seminar for Teachers funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Middle Tennessee State University, June 23, 2004

“The Progressive Era. Teaching American History in Wisconsin.” Summer Seminar for Teachers funded by the U.S. Department of Education. University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Green Bay, Wisconsin, August 4-5, 2003                                     

“Women and Political and Social Reform.” Resourceful Women Seminar: Researching and Interpreting American Women’s History. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. June 19-20, 2003                                 

“’Let the Women In!’: Women and American History.” Social Security Administration Women’s History Month Lecture. Baltimore, Maryland. March 19, 2003                               

“The National Child Labor Committee and Labor Day.” WOR Network, New York City, New York. “The Dolans” September 2, 2002                             
“America’s Greatest Generation: Growing up Male and Female during the 1930s.” Rutgers-Camden, Women’s Studies Annual Lecture. Camden, New Jersey. October 25, 2001                               

“Children and Public Policy: What History Can Teach Us.” Keynote Address, History of Childhood in 19th and 20th Century American Cities Conference, Institute for Urban Life, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Marquette University, May 5, 2000                              

“Making Boys and Girls: Gender, Modernity, and Childhood.” Luncheon Address, Graduate Student Conference, Virginia Tech University.  Blacksburg, Virginia, March 4, 2000                                 

“Childhood, Women, and Welfare in 20th Century America.” Volunteer State Community College. Women’s History Month Guest Lecture. Gallatin, Tennessee. March 31, 1999

“Being a Kid in the Good Ole Days: Why It Wasn’t So Good.” University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. Women’s History Month Guest Lecture. Chattanooga, Tennessee. Presented March 29, 1999                                  

“Saving the Children: Child Welfare in the Twentieth Century.” Belmont University. Nashville, Tennessee, October, 14, 1998.                                   

History of Child Labor in the United States: A Talk with Kriste Lindenmeyer on the syndicated radio program, “Talking History,” September 7, 1998.                   

“Women and Child Welfare Reform in the Progressive Era.” Women’s Studies Association Meeting. Kennedy Institute, Vanderbilt University. Nashville, Tennessee. September 20, 1997                                  

“Children in the City.” Seminar on the City Series, Cincinnati Historical Society, Cincinnati Museum Center. Cincinnati, Ohio, January 10, 1996                              

“Winning the War, But Losing the Peace”: The U.S. Children’s Bureau and Child Welfare During World War II. NEH sponsored conference, “World War II in Retrospect: A Meaning for ‘The Good War.'” Cincinnati, Ohio, October 14, 1995                                 

“Interpreting American Women’s History Through Costume.” Middle Tennessee Women’s Studies Association Founders’ Day Meeting. Belmont University. Nashville, Tennessee. January 20, 1994

Conference Presentations

“Teaching U.S. History Enrollments: Declining Numbers and the Pursuit of Effective Solutions.” Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, April 14, 2018, Sacramento, California

“Fostering Civic Engagement on Campus.” Campus Compact Annual Meeting. Boston, Massachusetts, March, 2016

“Presidential Panel: H-Net and the Discipline: Changes and Challenges.” American Historical Association Annual Meeting, January 3, 2013, New Orleans, Louisiana

“Children, the State, and the American Dream.” Paper presented as part of a Roundtable at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting, January 10, 2010, San Diego, California

“The State of Childhood in America Since 1945.” Roundtable participant. Society for the History of Childhood and Youth Biannual Meeting. July 12, 2009 University of California, Berkeley

“Meet the Parents: Embracing an Ideal of Modern American Childhood in 1950s America.” Universität Trier, Center for American Studies, June 17, 2005, Trier, Germany

“Building Bridges Over the Widening Gulf Between Academic and Public History Professionals. Historical Memory and 1930s America.”  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien, 27th Annual Meeting for Historians of the German Association of American Studies, February 12, 2005, Wittenberg, Germany

“U.S. Progressives and Child Welfare Standards: Redefining Dependency.” International Federation for Research in Women’s History. Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. August 13, 2003

“New Directions in the History of the Welfare State: Age as a Gender Perspective.” Berkshire Conference on Women’s History. University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut. June 7, 2002

“Adolescence, Marriage, and Parenthood in the Twentieth Century U.S.” The History of Childhood in America Conference, Benton Foundation, Washington, D.C. August 6, 2000

“Defining and Redefining Childhood: Public Policies’ Impact on the Very Definition of Childhood in the U.S. During the 20th Century.” Representing the Child: International Conference on the History of Childhood. Monash University-Caulfield Campus, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, October 3, 1998

“Old Before Their Time: Mary Richmond and the Anti-Child Marriage Campaign.” Social Science History Association Meeting. Chicago, Illinois, November, 22, 1998

“From Child Brides to Welfare Moms: Adolescent Pregnancy in the 20th-century U.S.” Carleton Conference on Family History, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, May 17, 1997

“’A New Century for Children’: The First Four White House Conferences on Children.” Mid-America History Conference, Topeka, Kansas, September 12, 1996

“Khaki-Whacky Girls and Good Time Charlies: Juvenile Delinquency and the U.S. World War II Homefront.” Social Science History Association Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 11, 1996

“The U.S. Children’s Bureau and Infant Mortality in the Progressive Era: A Legacy for Twentieth-century U.S. Child Welfare Policy.” Society for Research in Child Development Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana, March, 1995

Editorial Board Memberships

 *Journal of the History of Children and Youth. 2007-2011

*H-Childhood. Online discussion network, H-Net. 2002 to 2011.

*History of Education Quarterly, 2004-2007.

*Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000. Kathryn Kish Sklar and Thomas Dublin, eds., 1999 to 2011

*“The History of Children in Milwaukee: A Digitized Archive.” James Marten, Ph.D., Director. Marquette University and the Milwaukee County Historical Association., 1999 to 2012

Classes Taught

Rutgers University—Camden

                  Epidemics, Crises, and Disasters in U.S. History

Perspectives: History of Children and Youth

Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

The U.S. South Since 1877
The Progressive Era in the U.S.
The United States Between the Two World Wars
Immigration and U.S. History

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

History of American Childhood and Adolescence
Baltimore Legal History Seminar (co-taught with Dr. Ed Papenfuse and Prof. Garrett Power at University of Maryland School of Law)
American History Up to 1877
American History Since 1877
Historical and Culture Perspectives on Long Term Care Services (Erickson School of Aging)
Introduction to the Study of History for Undergraduate History Majors
Introduction to the Study of History of Masters Students in Historical Studies
The Origins of Modern America, 1870-1920
American Women’s History Since 1870
American Women and Social Movements: Creating Women’s History Sources on the World Wide Web
Introduction to Public History

Tennessee Technological University

American History from Colonial Times to 1876
American History from 1877 to the Present
Introduction to Historical Methods
American Women’s History from Colonial Times to the Present
Poverty and Public Policy in American History
U.S. Immigration History
University 101: An introduction for new students

Vanderbilt University

American Women’s History Since 1870

Professional Service

*Board Member and Executive Board Member, Bancroft Foundation, 2012-present

*Secretary-Treasurer, Society for the History of Children and Youth, 2011-present

*Elected Member, Organization of American Historians Committee on Teaching, 2015-2019

*Historical Consultant, Public Broadcasting Service, Child Labor History, 2018

*Outside Reviewer, Western Illinois University, Department of History, April 28, 2013

*Outside Reviewer, University of Missouri St. Louis, College of Arts and Sciences, October, 2011

*Elected Member, American Historical Association Committee on Committees, 2009-2011

*Elected Member, Society for the History of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era Executive Committee, 2009-2011

*Elected Member, Southern Association for Women Historians. 2009-2011

*President, H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online, 2007

*President-elect, H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online, 2006

*President, Society for the History of Children and Youth, 2005-2007

*President Elect, Society for the History of Children and Youth, 2003-2005

*H-Net Executive Council. Humanities and Social Sciences Online, 2004 to the present and 1997-2001

*Member, Executive Council, Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 1999-2003.

*Review Editor, H-Women, an H-Net online network on Women’s History, 1996 to 2011

*Web editor and Coordinator, H-Childhood, an H-Net on-line network for the study of the history of Childhood, http:/, 2001-2011

*Daily Editor, H-SHGAPE,, 1993 to 2005.

*Editorial Advisory Board, H-SAWH, an H-Net on-line network for the Southern Association of Women Historians, 1999 to 2010

*Member, Advisory Council, Hancock’s Resolution Historical Site, 2795 Bayside Beach Road, Pasadena, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, 2002 to the present.

*Manuscript reviewer for Social Science History, University of Pennsylvania Press, University of Georgia Press, New York University Press, and Scholarly Resources Publishers, Journal of Policy History, Journal of American History, Journal of the History of Children and Youth

*Conference Coordinator, Society for the History of Children and Youth, June 26-29, 2003, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, Maryland

*Local Arrangements Committee Member, Southern Historical Association Meeting, November 6-8, 2002, Baltimore, Maryland

*Consultant, “The Century of the Child.” A web-based historical archive on the history of childhood sponsored by the Benton Foundation as part of its Connect for Kids program, Washington, D.C. 1999-2000

*Coordinator, History of Childhood Steering Committee and Coordinator for the First History of Childhood in America Conference, held in Washington, D.C., August 5th and 6th, 2000

*Member, Tennessee Board of Regents Presidential Search Committee for Tennessee Technological University, Fall, 1999

*Member, Tennessee Board of Regents Ad-hoc Committee on Technology, Fall, 1999

*Member, NEH Review Panel, 1998 Instructional Technology Grants, Washington, D.C., January 13, 1998

*Member, Southern Association of Women Historians Committee to Develop Future Goals and Projects, 1998-1999

*Editor, SHGAPE Newsletter, Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 1991-1996.

*Convener, Middle Tennessee Women’s Studies Association, 1994-1995


M.A. and Ph.D. Students

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

M.A. Theses
2010:       (chair) Chelsea Clark, Daniel Kielbasa, Damon Talbot

(committee member) Nina Gradia, Joseph Rosalski, William Vincent, Faith Wassink

2009        (committee member) David Angerhofer, Jaime Bradley, Yiqing Chen, Melissa Cuzzart,
                  Diane Feldman, Christopher Fritz, Joseph Tropea
2008:       (chair) Bethany Bromwell, Sarah Davis, Richard Hardesty, Jayme Hill

                  (committee member) Sam Piazza

2007:       (chair) Ryan Grubb, Angelica Marini, Lauren Morton
                  (committee member) Susan Wood Goodall, Regina Ravenell, Kevin Webb
2006:       (chair) Kimberly Bowling, Katie Duncan
                  (committee member) Dennis McIven, Roger Lettie
2004:       (chair) Amanda Miracle, Richard Olsen
                  (committee member) Tonianne Barry, David Goldsmith, Kimberly Moreno
2003:       (chair) Wlla Banks, Sharon Knecht, John Willard
                  (committee member) Lynn Lewis, Roger Keehner, Paul Rubenson

Ph.D. Dissertations

2014        (committee member) Lawrence Dewitt (Social Security Policymaking: An Examination
Select Policies in the U.S. Social Security System) Public Policy Ph.D
(committee member) Marianne Hamilton Lopez (Setting the Welfare Agenda:
A Qualitative Analysis of the Reauthorization of TANF) Public Policy Ph.D.

2009        (co-chair) Karsonya Wise Whitehead (Reconstructing Memories: A Case Study
of Emilie Davis, A Nineteenth-century Freeborn Black Woman) Languages and Literacy Ph.D.

Panel Chair and/or Commentator at Professional Meetings

“Chair: Jewish Youth Encounters in the Post-war Period: Jewish Identity in the US, Australia and Europe,” Society for the History of Children and Youth Biennial Meeting, Australia Catholic University, Sydney, Australia, June 26-28, 2019

*Chair and Panelist: Teaching U.S. History Enrollments: Declining Numbers and the Pursuit of Effective Solutions, Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, Sacramento, California, April 14, 2018

*Chair and Discussant: Reflections on Youth, Community Development and the Cold War’s Legacy in Havana, Cuba and Camden, New Jersey, Society for the History of Children and Youth Biennial Meeting, Rutgers University—Camden, June 21, 2017

*Chair: Who’s Teaching the Kids: Charter Schools and American Public Education, Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, April 9, 2017

*Chair and Commentator: Relations of Reciprocity: The Roles, Rights, and Protections of Youth in Wartime North America, Society for the History of Children and Youth Biennial Meeting, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, June 25, 2015

*Chair and Commentator: Child Welfare in Modern America, Society for the History of Children and Youth, Biennial Conference, Columbia University, New York, New York, June 21, 2011

*Chair: History Across the Disciplines, Baltimore History Roundtable, Baltimore City Historical Society, Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Maryland, May 7, 2010

*Chair/Commentator: Government and Civil Encounters, Rural Women’s Studies Association Conference, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico, February 21, 2003

*Chair/Commentator: Agitation, Activism, and Americanization: The “Ordinary” Lives of Three Rural Wisconsin Women, Rural Women’s Studies Association Conference, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico, February 21, 2003

*Commentator: Domestic Policy Before the Great Society, 25th Anniversary Conference, sponsored by the Journal of Policy History, St. Louis, Missouri, May 27-30, 1999

*Chair/Commentator: Delinquents, Defectives, and Defients: Female Sexuality in Progressive-Era Cities, Social Science History Association Meeting, Washington, D.C., October 18, 1997

*Commentator: Family and Gender in the Gilded Age, Ohio Valley Conference, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee, October, 1997

*Chair and Commentator, Using the Internet to Build Connections, American Historical Association Meeting, New York, New York, January 5, 1997

*Commentator, “Nothing is Removed Except the Possibility of Parenthood”: The State and Eugenic Sterilization.” Berkshire Conference, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, June, 1996

*Chair and Commentator, The Will to Power the Intellectual Class in the Early Twentieth Century: New York Social Scientists in the Progressive Era, Ohio Valley Conference, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky, October 21, 1994

*Chair and Commentator, The Welfare State in Canada and the United States, Social History Conference, University of Cincinnati, October 30, 1993.

*Commentator, The Image of Women in Hollywood Film, Midwest Conference on Popular Culture, Indianapolis, Indiana, October 8, 1992

University Service

Rutgers University/Rutgers University—Camden (other than duties as FASC Dean)

*Member, President’s Administrative Council, 2011-2018
*Member, Chancellor’s Executive Team, 2011-2018

*Co-chair, Paul Robeson Library Director Search Committee, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018

*Co-chair, Associate Chancellor for Student Academic Success Search Committee, 2016
*Member, University Deans’ Budget Advisory Committee, 2015-2016


University of Maryland, Baltimore County

*Chair, Registrar Search Committee, 2010
*Member, Center for Art, Design, and Visual Culture Internal Advisory Board, 2009 to the present.
*Member, Provost Search Committee, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Fall, 2007

*President, Faculty Senate, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2003-2004

*Vice President, Faculty Senate, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2002-2003
*Chair, University Research Council, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Fall, 2002
*Member, Promotion and Tenure Committee, Africana Studies Department, University of Maryland *Baltimore County, 2001-2002
*Member, University Research Council, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2000 to 2002

*Member, Women’s Studies Coordinating Committee, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2001 to 2011

*Member, various promotion and tenure committees outside the Department of History and Africana Studies
*History Department Chair, July 2005-2011

*Chair, U.S. Public History Search Committee, 2005

*Coordinator, Public History Track, Graduate Program in Historical Studies, 2002-2004

*Chair, History Department Technology Committee, 2000-2004

*Member, Search Committee, Department of History, 2001-2002

*Member, Search Committee, Director of the Center for History in Education, 2001


Tennessee Technological University               

*Faculty Advisor, Kappa Tau, Tennessee Technological University chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, History Honor Society, 1993-2000

*Coordinator, Teaching on the Web, semester seminar for faculty, Spring, 1998 and Spring, 1999

*Chair, President’s Commission on the Status of Women, 1996-1997, and member since 1992

*Chair, Women and Gender Studies Curriculum Committee, 1996-2000

*Chair, University Instructional Technology Roundtable, 1995-1997

*Chair, University Library Committee, 1995-1997

*Chair, Extended Education Distance Learning Sub-committee, 1998-2000

*Member, Presidential Search Committee, Tennessee Board of Regents, 1999-2000

*Member, State Technology Advisory Committee, Tennessee Board of Regents, 1999-2000

*Member, College of Arts and Sciences Grievance Committee, 1999-2000

*Member, University Policy and Oversight Committee for the General Education Fund, 1999-2001

*Member, University Extended Education Committee, 1997-2000

*Member, University Educational Technology Advisory Committee, 1997-2000

*Member, College of Arts and Sciences Technology Committee, 1995-2000

*Coordinator, Women’s History Month Committee, 1993-2000
*Vice President, TTU chapter, AAUP, 1995-1996

*President, TTU chapter, Women in Higher Education in Tennessee, 1995-1996


Professional Society Memberships

*American Historical Association

*Organization of American Historians

*National Council on Public History

*Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

*Society for the History of Children and Youth

*Society for the History of Education

*Social Science History Association

*Southern Historical Association

*Southern Association for Women Historians

Business Experience

*Department Store Buyer, Elder Beerman Inc., 1983
*Department Store Buyer, Associated Dry Goods, Inc., 1979-1983
*Restaurant Manager, Harpenau Enterprises, 1976-1979